Saturday, February 28, 2015

DIG IT! Kathryn Plummer — Confident, Competitive and a Flair for Fun

Kathyrn Plummer

By Russell O. Karr “Set your goals high, and don’t stop ’til you get there.” – Bo Jackson “Honestly, I want to be the first woman to get two Olympic gold medals in volleyball; one in indoor and one in beach.” This is how Kathryn Plummer clearly and confidently explained her goals to High School Illustrated in a recent interview. ... Read More »

Living the Dream: Kendall Sheffield Looks Ahead

Kendall Sheffield

By Ryan Bundy | Photos by Bob Leivy Close your eyes for a minute and prepare to imagine. Imagine being a 17-year-old high school athlete, winning a state title in track. How great of a feeling would that be? Now imagine being the eighth-ranked football player in America with every college football program wanting you to play for their alma ... Read More »

Organic and Other Environmentally Friendly Foods


Understanding What It All Means Even the most casual food shoppers have probably noticed the increased quantity and variety of organic foods available in regular grocery stores. Once the specialty of health food stores, organic foods are spreading from specialty aisles to shelves throughout the big food stores. Maybe you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. Are organic foods ... Read More »

HOOPS! Jessica Shepard’s Balanced Approach Supports Basketball Success

Jessica Shepard

by Norma Palacios and Russell O. Karr Dedication, solid work ethic, strong family support, and a noteworthy focus on balance in her life provide Fremont High School basketball star, Jessica Shepard, with a solid foundation for success in sports and life. Ranked third in the country by ESPN and first in her position, Jessica was also Gatorade’s 2013-14 and 2012-13 ... Read More »

Tacko Fall: The Basketball Player You Cannot Miss


Tacko Fall, a 7-foot-5 high school senior from Senegal, thrives on and off the court by Kristen Giddings   TAVARES, Florida__As young players across the country gear-up for the upcoming basketball season, Tacko Fall stands above them all. Literally. The 7’5″ high school senior currently holds the spot as the tallest player in the country, standing two inches over even ... Read More »

Dazzle, Strength, Skill and Fun: Broken Arrow Cheerleading Squad Has It All


By Madeline Stokell The new era of cheerleading has all heads turned in its direction, waiting to see what’s next. Feats of strength and coordination dazzle the eye in performances of spirit and positive energy. The sheer difficulty of the routines seen at national cheerleading competitions seem to dispel any prejudices against the sport; old ideas of pom poms waving are ... Read More »

Shoulder Mobility: Two Exercises to Improve Your Mobility


Good shoulder mobility can not only improve shoulder function, but also improve performance and limit injuries. With athletes now specializing in one sport at an early age and many of them increasing their training outside of their sport, their shoulders can lose the flexibility and strength needed to perform at their best. Since most sports primarily use the “pushing” muscles ... Read More »

Best Buddies: The True Meaning of Friendship


Millennium High School a Stellar Example of This Terrific Organization by Kristen Giddings New York, New York__The roaring booms resound through the stadium in Union City, New Jersey. New York Rumble Ultimate Frisbee fans stomp, or rumble, their feet in the bleachers, showing their enthusiasm and support for their team on the field in front of them. But off the ... Read More »

Amelia Andrilenas: Beauty in Body and Soul

Amelia Andrilenas

By Kendall Murtha ‘Tis in ourselves that we are thus or thus. Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners. – William Shakespeare, Othello We generally think of gymnastics as a sport in which the athlete’s body is their primary instrument. Each time Amelia “Millie” Andrilenas, a junior at Juniata High School in Washington, takes to the ... Read More »

Great Greens: Eating the Right Foods to Stay Healthy

great greens

By Better Nutrition Greens aren’t just good for your health—they’re great. Green drinks, particularly, contain a healthy mix of nutrient-filled algae and grasses that offer detoxifying and alkalizing amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants. Greens are among my very favorite foods. Steamed, sautéed, raw—it doesn’t matter. Load up my plate and I’m happy. In fact, I’d eat them even if they ... Read More »