Monday, July 28, 2014

Tennis Duo: Eric Tseng and Drew Dawson Power Successful UHS Tennis


By Deborah Tsogbe All great athletic programs have length in the form of a strong history; and depth with great talent. The University High School tennis team fills out both dimensions as it earned a legacy as one of the best tennis programs in Southern California. The numbers indicate the length of the program’s success: 193 wins and only six ... Read More »

Fitness: Creating Rotational Power for Sports


Power can be defined as the ability to exert maximal force as quickly as possible. In sports such as ice hockey, baseball and golf rotational power is a prime attribute for an athlete. How an athlete develops the power, how efficiently they develop the power, how much power is developed and how the power is controlled and decelerated all play ... Read More »

Fierceness on the Field: Riley Eggeman’s Formula for Success


by Yasmeen Alshabasy She cradles, she passes, and she catches; the mesh of Riley Eggeman’s lacrosse stick is always hugging the surface of a ball, ready to rocket it across the line of the opponent’s goal. Riley was recently named the Orange County Register’s Player of the Year for lacrosse; distinction which goes along with many other accolades and accomplishments ... Read More »

Got a Job? Finding a Summer Job or Internship


Thinking about a summer job? As more people continue to compete for fewer openings, you’ll need to start looking early, do your research, and apply to more positions. So it’s more important than ever to have a job search plan. What’s the Right Job for Me? To find a job that’s right for you, make a list of your interests ... Read More »

Field of Dreams: No. 3 Nationally Ranked Chase Strumpf Hard Work and Dedication is Beginning to Pay Off


By Kendall Murtha Watching Chase Strumpf send balls sailing over the heads of his opponents, it’s hard to believe that this kind of power and ease is coming from a high school sophomore. But continuously raising expectations is nothing new to Chase. He ranked no. 3 in his age group by Baseball America, proved he’s someone to watch even before ... Read More »

5 Healthy Fruit Smoothies For An Easy Breakfast


Wake up and blend up one of these healthy smoothie recipes for a great start to your day: Orange and Banana Smoothie Orange and banana are the perfect marriage of tart and creamy for this breakfast smoothie. A touch of brown sugar and almond extract add another level of flavor. 3/4 cup (185 ml) orange juice 1/2 cup sliced banana ... Read More »

Surf School: Conner Dand National Surfing Association 2014 High School Surfing Champion


San Clemente High School Junior Surfing phenom Conner Dand takes his first major win at the 2014 NSSA High School surfing championships and helped his team take home another National team championship trophy. HSI had a chance to ask Conner a few questions and here is what he had to say. What sports did you play as a youth and ... Read More »

Great Expectations: Leonard Fournette Excites LSU Fans


By Russell O. Karr And Courtney Vega | Photos By Megan Stearman There is a Dickensonian quality to the superabundant discussion about high school football standout, Leonard Fournette, and his imminent journey to Louisiana State University. Not only do the good people at St. Augustine High School offer caring words of support for their soon-to-be alumnus, the entire LSU fan ... Read More »

Alexa Filley – A High School Volleyball Ace


Four Years, Four Titles By Joey Ramirez | Photos By Megan Stearman & Tricia Biagi Like most high school students, there are annual school rituals for Alexa Filley. Register for classes; buy textbooks; take yearbook photos, and…win the Kentucky State Volleyball Championship. Four consecutive years, four consecutive state championships for Alexa and Assumption High School (Louisville, Ky.) teammates. But for ... Read More »

Alex Jackson Shows That Focus is the Key to Success


A Swing and a Hit and the Joy of Baseball By Deborah Tsogbe | Photos By Michael Valencia Alex Jackson has played and loved baseball his entire life. “I’ve been playing baseball since I could walk and swing a bat which is around the age of one,” commented Alex with a grand smile, as he thought about baseball. And just ... Read More »