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Top Three High School Baseball Prospects

There is a lot of top baseball talent in high schools across America. High School Illustrated surveyed the contenders and reports on these three top student athletes.


Ethan Hankins / Cumming, GA

With a fastball consistently in the mid 90’s, young Hankins challenges every batter at the mound. It’s a tough day as a right-handed hitter against Ethan, as he can throw a variety of pitches consistently with near-perfection. On his way to Vanderbilt.


Nolan Gorman / Glendale, AZ

Nolan easily fields the balls other hitters send his way, and he shines when it is his turn at bat. A consistent hitter in important games, he shows both power and poise. The University of Arizona will be happy to add Nolan to the line next year.


Matthew Liberatore / Peoria, AZ

Still maturing as a pitcher, Matthew shows great potential for improvement with solid college coaching after his final high school season. A curveball and his changeup ball are impressive. University of Arizona has his early commitment.

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