Wednesday, July 10, 2024


Elevate Offers a Path Forward for New Orleans Students

by Catrina Shade and Russell O. Karr Brooklyn Mitchell confidently declares that she enjoys Elevate because “it has been helping me develop myself as a person since 7th grade and now I am in 10th grade. I like the training I receive, it has made me a better basketball player and a better person.” Likewise, David Williams, who is in …

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Guardians of the World: Young Victors of the CSAW Competition

By Yasmeen Alshabasy On November 14th at 2 o’clock, John Doe was found dead in his apartment, and there was a breach at a retail store, Bullseye. There were no visible clues, but an Android mobile phone was collected at the scene and passed to Umesh Padia, Kent Ma and Jonathan Ni for forensic analysis. They knew that Black Collar …

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Florida’s Chad Thomas is Offered 150 Scholarships

Multi-talented Chad Thomas, a senior at Booker T. Washington High School, has received hundreds of college scholarship offers not only for his skills on the football field, but also for his exceptional musical abilities. In addition to his skills on the field, Chad also plays a total of nine instruments. Of the football and music scholarships offered, Thomas has chosen …

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Marching Band Requires Physical Stamina – Should it Be Considered a Sport?

The physical demands of a competitive marching band require its members to be in get in shape and stay in shape. During the weeks Summer vacation, marching bands practice hours in the sun teaching their freshman the fundamentals of marching. This rigor continue through the marching band season. According to the Oxford Dictionary, sport means an activity involving physical exertion …

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Wounded Warriors and the Dana Outrigger and Canoe Club

The Aloha spirit and volunteers with students from more than 13 different Orange County high schools attended the first annual Dana Outrigger and Canoe Club Wounded Warrior Veteran’s Day event on November 11th. Aloha – a greeting of affection – “embodies the spirit of the day when we come together to thank everyone who’s served in the Armed Forces.” The DOCC wanted to do …

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SMCHS Performing Arts Presents A Christmas Collage Featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

  Santa Margarita Catholic High School Performing Arts proudly presents: A Christmas Collage featuring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” this Sunday, December 9th from 3:30-6:30pm in the Moiso Pavilion. Come see over 250 SMCHS performers celebrate the joy of Christmas in a spectacular production of dance, music, and drama. Santa Margarita Catholic High School proudly offers the highest quality in Performing …

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