Thursday, July 11, 2024

Should Teenagers Care About the 2012 Presidential Election?

Walking in the hallways of a high school these days, all anyone tends to hear is whether Obama’s or Romney’s plan is superior to the other. However, as teenagers, it is difficult to comprehend what is actually happening in the world around us. We may have heard about the debates that are going on, but do we know the full story behind them?

Typically stuck in a bubble, teenagers tend to only care about what is happening at the moment. We do not think about what condition the United States will be in four years from now. For example, a major debate going on right now between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney is the issue on healthcare. Adults may see this matter as important to our future. But, to a 17-year-old, it seems irrelevant.

Just because that’s the way it generally is, it doesn’t mean that’s how it should be. It is important for adolescents to understand what is going on in the debates right now.

Both Obama and Romney have very important viewpoints on critical matters. Their political positions are affected by their liberal and conservative ideologies. Due to their different stances on immigration, healthcare, taxes, war and environmental issues, it is difficult for students to pick a side. Adding to the difficulty of understanding the debates is the fact that the hottest topic — the economy — is difficult for students to relate to. For most students, experience with “the economy” is limited to the struggle of finding a part-time job.

Just because these are difficult subjects for my generation to understand doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention. In fact, we must understand the mistakes of the past so we will not be doomed to repeat them in the future.

Although teenagers under the age of 18 aren’t able to vote, we can learn more about the issues of the election and can prepare ourselves to be better voters in the future.


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