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Notable Alumni From Southern Orange County High Schools

We all know that Southern Orange County is home to some pretty big stars. But, did you know that many of them used to walk the same hallways as you?

Here’s a list of sports stars, award-winning musicians and prominent actors who you may share an alma mater with one day.

Let us know if we missed any big celebrities by leaving a comment!

Aliso Niguel

  • Sasha Cohen, Olympic figure skater
  • Kyla Ross, Olympic gymnast (and current student)

Capistrano Valley

  • Todd Marinovich, professional football player
  • Tyler Matzek, professional baseball player
  • Brad Davis, professional baseball player

Corona del Mar

  • Mark McGrath, lead singer of Sugar Ray
  • Kelly Rutherford, actress
  • Sam Mikulak, Olympic gymnast

Dana Hills

  • Andrew McMahon, lead singer of Jack’s Mannequin
  • Scott Covington, professional football player
  • Seth Etherton, professional baseball player
  • Melinda Clarke, actress

El Toro

  • Rob Johnson, professional football player
  • Brian Krause, actor
  • Kaitlin Sandeno, Olympic swimmer
  • Josh Saunders, professional soccer player
  • Austin Romine, professional baseball player

El Modena

  • Freddie Freeman, professional baseball player
  • Milo Ventimiglia, actor
  • Robby Gordon, professional race car driver


  • Jason Lezak, Olympic swimmer

Laguna Beach

  • Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters
  • Various cast members from Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

Mission Viejo

  • Michael Lopez-Alegria, astronaut
  • Ryan Powdrell, professional football player
  • Drew Radovich, professional football player
  • Mark Sanchez, professional football player
  • Dana Torres, Olympic swimmer
  • Matt Sorum, drummer for Guns N’ Roses

Newport Harbor

  • Misty May-Treanor, Olympic sand volleyball player
  • Steve Timmons, Olympic volleyball player
  • Aaron Peirsol, Olympic swimmer
  • Kelly McGillis, actress
  • George Yardley, professional basketball player
  • Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, professional surfer
  • April Ross, Olympic sand volleyball player

San Clemente

  • Ryan Sheckler, professional skateboarder
  • Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner

Santa Margarita

  • Dominic Barnes, actor
  • Ethan Luck, drummer for Relient K
  • Carson Palmer, professional football player

Trabuco Hills

  • Nick Punto, professional baseball player
  • Randy Josselyn, actor


  • Cuba Gooding Jr., actor (graduated elsewhere)
  • Matt McCoy, professional football player
  • Robert David Hall, actor
  • David Leestma, astronaut
  • Shawn Green, professional baseball player


  •  Will Ferrell, actor
  • Various members of the band Rage Against the Machine
  • Various members of the band Thrice

Villa Park

  • Kevin Costner, actor (graduated elsewhere)
  • Aaron Boone, professional baseball player

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  1. Mission Viejo High School – Michael kushnick, PhD. President of Midwest American College of Sports Medicine

  2. Diane and Erin Murphy (twins). Graduates of El Toro High school that were child actors in the 70’s sitcom “Bewitched”

  3. This must be old……. Nolan Arenado, baseball Colorado Rockies

  4. Gwen Stefani, she is from Anaheim, CA

  5. Mikey Day – El Modena High School … cast of Saturday Night Live

  6. Yes, I transferred from MVHS and was well aware of their notoriety but it was kept on the down low and I respected that of the student body. I was the long haired guy who delivered hall passes.
    AKA ‘Luke’

  7. Ralph Blankenship graduated from SCC (Vanguard Univ.) in January 1966. He was the most honored athletethe school has ever had in its 103 year history. He won 4 MVP awards in baseball, 2 MVP awards in basketball, and 2 MVP Athlete of the year awards, totalling 8 awards. And yet I am not even recognized by them.

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