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HSI Internship

Hey, high school students!

Do you like to write, engage in social media or take pictures? Do you want to learn more about digital media? Do you want to strengthen your college application? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then interning with High School Illustrated is right for you!

What Will Interns Do?

Writers. You’ll write, interact with our professional editors, re-write, and publish in print, online, and in mobile digital formats. Your name and your work will be published to your community and worldwide.

Photographers. Your photographs from events, personal stories, and special assignments will be reviewed and published along with the great stories in High School Illustrated. Sometimes you will work alone. Other times, you will work with a writer assigned to a story. Regardless, you will always learn and gain recognition for your work.

Assignments for everyone will include…

  • Local high school news
  • School sports
  • Feature stories
  • College preparation
  • Personal health
  • Much more!

Submitted articles are checked by a High School Illustrated staff editor. Because one of our goals is for you to learn more about professional writing, the editor will provide constructive feedback. At the end of the semester, you will also receive a progress report. In addition to improving your writing, interning for HSI gives your college application even more depth.

Students who have taken journalism or photography classes have an advantage during the application process, but the classes are not required — we just need people with strong skills and work ethic.

Should Interns Know About Editing?

At the beginning of the semester, all student interns will take a brief editing quiz. This won’t affect your ability to participate in the program. Rather, it will help HSI’s editors understand your editing strengths and weaknesses. This way, the editors can better evaluate your progress at the end of the semester. Student interns will also go through a crash course in editing. We suggest familiarizing yourself with our in-house style guide.

What Do I Get From This Internship Program?

When you complete your High School Illustrated Internship, you’ll have received…

  • A great learning experience from professional writers and photographers.
  • The opportunity to meet other student-interns in your area and the chance to have learned from them.
  • The right to put High School Illustrated Intern in your college application — and when the college calls us, we’ll tell them what a great person and professional you are!
  • A really cool certificate to hang on your wall.
  • The satisfaction of doing something well and meaningful for your school.

If you are interested in learning more, email [email protected]!

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