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Enjoyable Involvement for Orange County High Schools: Club Rush

High school campuses all around Orange County share two things in common: school spirit and the desire to get students active in both the school and the community.

Beckman High School is no different in the fervor to get freshmen and various classes engaged in school activities through clubs in the major event: Club Rush.

On October 5, Beckman students hustled around campus right before lunch began. Club representatives set up booths, arranged incentives like candies and posters and posted sign-up sheets to lure students over.

Once the lunch bell rang, the whole campus filled up. Music busted from the speakers and students frantically searched for the club that best fit their interests. By the end of the lunch hour, each club appeared content with the number of sign-ups. There was also palpable excitement for another year of volunteering, spreading the word of their cause and getting to know other students.

Min Lee, a sophomore and avid club promoter, carried on with the Club Rush, said, “Club Rush is essential to schools because they are meant to spread good causes for other students to get involved in.”

Major clubs, such as Key Club, California Scholarship Federation and Make a Wish Foundation, partner with other high schools in Orange County better serve the cause. But, even the smaller clubs on each campus can make a difference in their own manner. Regardless of size, all the clubs benefit people and try to achieve one similar goal: goodness.

High schools leaders, such as those at Beckman, want the best for their students’ success and communal involvement. Students are all able to benefit from school activities and clubs as they can get more hands-on community service. As a result of their community services, they only help build a stronger generation of people and set a good representation of their community.

Therefore, events like the Club Rush are essential to high schools as they bring about goodness in students and get kids more involved with the community and the school.

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