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Double Threat: The Best of Orange County Softball

Taylor McQuillin, pitcher, and Alyssa Palominos, center-field, both attend Mission Viejo High School and are currently in their junior year. Both girls earned numerous athletic achievements, titles, and rankings in softball. Alyssa was ranked OC Player of the Year and broke the OC record for homeruns her sophomore year with 18 homers. Alyssa is also the co-MVP for the South Coast League, along with friend Taylor McQuillin. Taylor was ranked OC Varsity Sophomore Pitcher of the Year for 2013 and also placed #5 in the top 100 2015 list on Student Sports.

Seventeen-year-old Taylor McQuillin and sixteen-year-old Alyssa Palominos invest every fiber of their beings into each game. Taylor is able to keep the score low with her pitching and Alyssa field’s all infield balls to stop any scoring runs, making for a winning combination. The teamwork and friendship of the girl’s, on and off the field, has enabled them to experience significant and memorable athletic achievements.

Taylor and Alyssa are team leaders for the Mission Viejo Diablos girls softball team. The team had a great 2013 season, beating CIF-SS Division 2 champion Chino and coming in fifth overall in the highly recognized Tournament of Champions in Arizona.The team was undefeated in the South Coast League. Mission Viejo was able to power-through an upsetting playoff with the help of junior slugger Alyssa Palominos and pitcher Taylor McQuillin.

Not surprisingly, it wasn’t just the two players that made them earn such a win– it was the way they worked together.

Taylor and Alyssa will continue as teammates and friends for at least another six years. Both have committed to four years of play at the University of Arizona, in addition to the two years each has remaining at Mission Viejo. Prior to their team play with Mission Viejo, Alyssa and Taylor played together at BatBusters and for a period of time when they were twelve.

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