Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sabrina Santoro

Sabrina Santoro is a student at Beckman High School. She loves writing for the Beckman Chronicle and playing in her school's marching band and jazz ensemble. Sabrina has dreamt of being a journalist ever since she can remember, and plans to pursue a career in that field. She writes for High School Illustrated as part of our internship program.

What is Success?

The ambiguity of the term “success” can lead high school students and their parents to define it in a number of ways. Whether it be when getting straight A’s, making the varsity team, or gaining acceptance into the top Ivy League. How do high school students actually define the success that everyone is trying to achieve? With numerous self-help books …

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Marching Band Requires Physical Stamina – Should it Be Considered a Sport?

The physical demands of a competitive marching band require its members to be in get in shape and stay in shape. During the weeks Summer vacation, marching bands practice hours in the sun teaching their freshman the fundamentals of marching. This rigor continue through the marching band season. According to the Oxford Dictionary, sport means an activity involving physical exertion …

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Dreaming of an NCAA Scholarship? How OC Students Get it Done

The average high school student juggles essential academic classes, extracurricular activities, time devoted to sports and social life in order to get into college. A select few students take it even further by working hard to become the best athletes possible — with the ultimate goal of winning a college sports scholarship. It’s not an easy path, but many OC …

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Editorial: Used Correctly, Techology is a Valuable Learning Aid

Smart phones, e-readers and tablets are often seen in the hands of the average 21st century student. Technology’s rapid pace of innovation provides students with resources to get through their studies. Especially apparent in Orange County, schools are working to productively implement technology in the classroom in order to help students learn. The use of technology in schools provides students …

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