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Alex Jackson Shows That Focus is the Key to Success

A Swing and a Hit and the Joy of Baseball

By Deborah Tsogbe | Photos By Michael Valencia

Alex Jackson has played and loved baseball his entire life.

“I’ve been playing baseball since I could walk and swing a bat which is around the age of one,” commented Alex with a grand smile, as he thought about baseball. And just as surely as he spoke those words, this young baseball standout gave credit to close family members who encouraged him all along. “My grandfather was a baseball player growing up and really loves the game. He, along with my parents, introduced me to the sport early on and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s the only sport where you can fail seven out of ten times and still succeed,” the Rancho Bernardo High School student declared.

Alex’s love and dedication to the sport has been recognized by many. A top-ranked position player by Baseball America, Jackson has fans nationwide, but most important to him are his fans at home.

“We recognized at age 5 [that] this was what he wanted to do, and we have supported him with the emotional and financial support necessary for him to succeed. We are his biggest fans,” said father Dorian Jackson about Alex’s family, which includes his parents, Dorian and Michelle, and younger brother Jacob.

“My parents and family have given me so much support in helping me obtain my goals and focus on my dream. Both my parents work but they have always been there to get me to school, practices, games, cross country travel. You name it, they have been there. My family is always positive no matter the outcome and that has always helped me in also staying positive. They always remind me, ‘Hard work will help you obtain your dream’,” said Jackson.

Young Alex Jackson was a young, well-rounded athlete and enjoyed other sports including soccer. But in high school, he focused on baseball.

The focus and discipline soon won Jackson a lot of recognition: 2011 Cal-HI State Freshman of the Year, Prep Athletic Star of the Month for two years, MaxPreps Junior Player of the Year in 2013, a top nominee for the 2014 USA Baseball 60-Man Golden Spike Award, and more.

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